5. Accessing old / pipeline cases


Open your LiveMore Case Portal, enter your login details, and click 'sign in' to get started.

You will have a choice between two options:

  1. Create and access new cases (new journey)

  2. Access old (pipeline) cases

guide 5 block 2

As you want to access the cases you had started before we launched the new portal, click the right hand option – access old (pipeline) cases.

This will take you to our old LiveMore Portal Dashboard, with the usual choice of new cases / actions on the left, and live cases on the right.

guide 5 block 3

Select the 'Cases' option on the right to see live / old cases. You will see them all listed by applicant name, the date it was last updated and the status of progress in the case.

Guide 5 block 3 b

When you click 'view all' you will see a more comprehensive list with the cases broken down by their progress status.

guide 5 block 3 c

When you click 'view' on any of your old cases, you'll be able to access it and pick up where you left off.

Fill in any remaining data needed to get the application submitted.

That's it! Keep using the old portal until you run out of cases on there.

When nobody needs it anymore, we'll take it away.