Lifetime Equity Release

Who is it for?


Our Lifetime Equity Release, known as ER.

This is available aged 50-80 whether your client is working or retired.

Your client pays only the interest each month but chooses the term unlike with a Retirement Interest Only (RIO) mortgage, which has no specified end date.

A TIO could be suitable for a wide range of circumstances, including:

  • Purchasing a new property
  • Remortgaging an existing loan
  • Generating funds for home improvements, lifestyle or to start a Bank of Mum and Dad
  • Staying in the property in the short term before downsizing or awaiting an inheritance payout.
  • IHT planning and wealth management
  • Those who aren’t ready or who don’t currently qualify for a RIO mortgage or equity release product. A TIO mortgage can act as a bridge into these.

Minimum Equity Requirements

With a TIO, your client is required to hold sufficient equity in the mortgaged property when the sale of it is used as a repayment strategy.

You can use our simple minimum equity finder to see the required amount in their region.

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