How much could I borrow and where do I start?

We try to make applying for a mortgage nice and straightforward. Follow the three simple steps to get things up and running.

How much could I borrow and where do I start?

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    Step 3:
    Easy, fast application

    If you decide to apply, we’ll be there to help you at every step. We’ll set out a clear process and you’ll have a dedicated LiveMore team member you can speak to any time.

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    • We welcome all kinds of income including pensions, rental income, self-employed and many more. And if you have several, that's fine too.

    • Our tool only uses basic information to give an idea of what you can borrow. We consider much more information on your application and may be able to lend you more that what is shown. When you book a call with us, we can get to know your situation better.

    • Many lenders factor your age into how much they are willing to lend - which is something we don't think is right. We tend to focus on more relevant items such as your type of income, any expenses you may have, your credit score as well as the loan-to-value of the property. Give us a call any time and we will explain further.

    • You will receive a phone call from one of our expert team to go over your case - this will be within 24 hours. Then we hand you over to a trusted mortgage adviser to make sure that the product meets your needs.

    • With LiveMore, you'll always speak to a real person every single time, whether that's over the phone or email.