1. Logging in and creating a case

Follow these simple steps to log in and set up a case in your Case Portal


Enter your email address and password, then click ‘sign in’.

You will be taken to a page with two options:

  1. 'Access old (pipeline) cases' – click here to view any existing or past cases created in our old Case Portal
  2. 'Create and access new cases (new journey)' – click here to place a new case or access existing cases that were placed in our new Case Portal

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1. Pipeline cases

Here you will see all the key info for your old cases, including the applicant’s name, status and any actions taken.


2. Create and access new cases

This page will provide a list of all your live cases. You will also have the option to create a new case via the button in the top right corner.

Creating a new case

When you click ‘Create a new case’ you will be asked to confirm a series of statements about your client and the case before you can proceed.

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When you’re happy, click ‘I confirm all statements are true’.

This will take you to a 3-step process to create your new case:

Step 1

 Select 1 or 2 applicants, provide first name(s) and surname(s), click next.

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Step 2

Tell us the purpose of the mortgage and select a product type (note – if you choose ‘fixed term’ you also need to select if it is interest-only or capital & interest). Click next.

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Step 3

Choose your commission route – if you’re appointed as a representative of a network, your network will automatically be assigned as your commission route. 

Then you must confirm you accept our broker declaration and privacy notice. You can now click ‘create case’.

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And that’s it! Your case has been created and is ready to take to the next stage.

Still having trouble? Don’t worry, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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