4. Submitting a Full Mortgage Application (FMA)

It’s now time to submit your client’s full application.

Follow the simple steps below to submit one quickly and correctly.

With the first 3 options now complete, select the fourth option from the left-hand menu – ‘Full application’.

You will then see a summary of all the information we require. There are 8 brief sections to fill out, some of which are already complete (or partially complete) from your previous steps:

  1. Applicant details
  2. Current income
  3. Future income
  4. Expenditure
  5. Property details
  6. Loan and product details
  7. Repayment strategy
  8. Additional information

You will see each section has a red ‘pill(s)’ in the top left corner. As you fill each section, these will turn green. Note that some sections will already be partially green due to the information filled out in previous steps.

Guide 4 block 1

When all green, you will be able to submit your client’s full application.

Let’s look at the sections that require some additional information before submitting, which are:

  1. Applicant details

  2. Property Details

  3. Repayment strategy

  4. Additional information

These 4 sections need a little bit more detail:

  • 1.Applicant details

    Some information will already pull through from the previous steps:

    1. Title
    2. First name
    3. Last name
    4. Gender
    5. Date of birth

    We will now ask for some additional information including:

    • Marital status
    • Nationality
    • Mobile number
    • Home number
    • Email address
    • Current address (we need 3 years’ worth of address history)
    • If your client has a Power of Attorney
    • If your client needs any customised services, such as braille

    When all are filled in and you’re ready, click ‘Save & close’.

  • 2.Property details

    Some information will already pull through from the previous steps, but you will need to add the following:

    1. Estate Agent details
    2. Where your client is getting their deposit from
    3. The type of property, such as bungalow
    4. How many bedrooms and kitchens there are
    5. If the property is standard or non-standard construction
    6. The year the property was built
    7. Additional tick box information, such as if the property is ex-local authority
    8. Whether or not more than 25% of the property is used for any commercial activities
    9. If there are any other occupants at the property aged 17 or over

    Once happy, click ‘Save & close’

  • 3.Repayment strategy

    If you’ve chosen an interest only mortgage with a term end, you will need to fill in this section which lets us know how your client will repay the loan at the end of the term.

    Click ‘Add repayment’ and select from the dropdown how they will repay between:

    • Sale of property /downsizing
    • Sale of another property
    • Investments
    • Endowments

    Fill out the boxes that appear, giving us details on:

    • The provider
    • The expected maturity date
    • Current fund value
    • Monthly contribution
    • And how much of the loan will be repaid with this mechanism
    • Keep adding your repayment methods until the amount balances with the amount your client wants to borrow.

    When happy, click ‘Save & close’.

  • 4.Additional information

    This is where you will tell us about the following:

    Any additional assets the client intends to sell (e.g. a buy-to-let property) at retirement in order to repay or reduce the mortgage amount

    Details for your client’s solicitor (if they can use LiveMore’s conveyancing services this won’t need to be filled in).

    Direct debit details

    Any other important details not covered so far

    You will then be asked to make two declarations:

    1. Confirming your client’s consent to us performing a hard credit check
    2. Confirming your client wishes to proceed and that they agree to the terms and conditions.

    When selected, click ‘Save & Close’.

That’s it!

All your section ‘pills’ should now be green – you are clear to click ‘submit application’.

Guide 4 block 3

When you submit, you will be able to easily download all your application data to send to your client.

Good luck.

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