You weren't born yesterday!

You've worked hard and managed your money for decades. Thousands of people, whether they're 50 or in their 90s, can afford a mortgage to live the life they deserve. But when it comes to lending to them, high-street banks often don't recognise their wealth of life experience. That’s why we founded LiveMore. We want to help with the next big plans in your life. Start your LiveMore journey by completing the short form and we'll get back to you shortly.

Pensioners looking at paperwork

Age isn't a barrier to borrowing with LiveMore

Flexible criteria

Flexible criteria

From multiple pension pots to unique properties, our flexible criteria is built around you

Products to suit

Products to suit

We have the broadest range of products for over 50s, from standard mortgages, to interest only or even equity release

Borrowers love us

Borrowers love us

We’re the top rated lender for those aged 50 and over, rated excellent on Trustpilot


Whatever your goal

Our borrowers are an ambitious bunch. Some want to release funds to help their family on the property ladder. Others just want to let their hair down.

Whatever your goal, we'd love to help.


LiveMore has a solution

With the broadest range of products available for ages 50-90 plus, we can find the right one for you.

Choose from a standard mortgage, interest-only or no monthly payments at all (often called equity release).

Unsure what suits your needs? That's where we can help.

“LiveMore have taken a chance on me when others haven't”

Douglas Pegler, LiveMore customer

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All incomes welcome

As we get older, it's natural that our finances become less straightforward.

A pension pot here, part-time income there.

That’s why we take a welcoming and holistic view of your money, and put it to work to ensure you get the maximum lending amount possible.


We love character homes

Your home is as unique as you, but the bank doesn’t always appreciate that.

We know how important staying in your home can be, that's why we've got super flexible property criteria.

Whether multiple acres, above a shop or timber construction - we're happy to consider it.

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