Standard Capital & Interest

Who is it for?

Our Standard Capital & Interest mortgage is available aged 50-85, whether your client is working or retired.

Your client chooses the term and pays the capital each month as well as the interest.

C&I can be taken with a term up to a maximum age of 85. They could be suitable for a wide range of circumstances, including:

  • Purchasing a new property
  • Remortgaging an existing loan
  • Generating funds for home improvements, lifestyle or to start a Bank of Mum and Dad
  • Those hoping to preserve the equity in their home

Key Points:

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    35 years:

    Up to 35 years maximum loan term

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    50 to 85 years old:

    Our C&I mortgage is open to borrowers aged 50 to 85

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    Up to 85% LTV:

    Borrow up to 85% loan to value.

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    0.55% gross proc fee:

    We have 2 proc fee options. Choose from:

    • Our Standard Proc Fee of 0.55% gross upfront
    • Our Ongoing Proc Fee of 0.55% gross upfront plus an additional 0.13% gross every year thereafter, for up to 15 years

    Our Ongoing Proc Fee requires an annual customer care call.

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