Your go-to lending partner for all cases aged 50 to 90+

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Your go-to lending partner for all cases aged 50 to 90+

What makes us different

  • All incomes welcome

    All incomes welcome

    Including pensions such as SIPPs and State, rental income, self-employed, savings & investments, and many more.

  • Broad product range

    Broad product range

    From interest only to capital repayment, designed specifically for your 50-90+ clients. Give us a call to find out exactly how we can help.

  • Premium service

    Premium service

    Expect quick replies from real humans who care about your case, a can-do approach every time and direct access to our underwriters.

Lending with a 'can-do' approach

We love helping in those 'not-your average' cases, so let's work together to find the way to say yes to your clients.

What type of mortgages do we offer?

  • Retirement Interest Only (RIO)

    Designed for your clients who have no plans to move again – and they don't have to be retired.

  • Fixed Term Mortgage (Interest Only)

    Your client chooses the loan term unlike with a RIO which has no specified maturity date.

  • Fixed Term Mortgage (Capital & Interest)

    Your client repays the capital as well as the interest over a fixed term to maximise the equity in their property.

That was genuinely one of the most satisfying deals I have done for any client in a long time.

M. Williamson, Concept Mortgages Ltd.

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