Your go-to lending partner for all cases aged 50 to 90+

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Your go-to lending partner for all cases aged 50 to 90+

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What makes us different

All incomes welcome

Including pensions such as SIPPs and State, rental income, self-employed, savings & investments, and many more.

Broad product range

Interest Only, Capital Repayment and Lifetime Mortgages, designed specifically for your 50-90+ clients. Give us a call to find out exactly how we can help.

Premium service

Expect quick replies from real humans who care about your case, a can-do approach every time and direct access to our underwriters.

Lending with a 'can-do' approach

We love helping in those 'not-your average' cases, so let's work together to find the way to say yes to your clients.

What type of mortgages do we offer?

Standard Capital & Interest

Your client repays the capital as well as the interest over a fixed term to maximise the equity in their property.

Standard Interest Only

Your client pays just the interest each month, paying us back the capital when their chosen term ends. This is unlike a RIO, which has no specified maturity date.

Retirement Interest Only (RIO)

Designed for your clients who have no plans to move again – and they don't have to be retired.

Lifetime Mortgage

This is a type of equity release where your client receives a lump sum and doesn't have to make monthly payments.

Need some help to place your first case?

We created four handy guides to help you register on our Case Portal and submit an application.

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That was genuinely one of the most satisfying deals I have done for any client in a long time.

M. Williamson, Concept Mortgages Ltd.

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