We offer a broad range of products

Our capital repayment, interest only, and lifetime mortgage products are designed specifically to help when you've got a 50-90+ case on your desk.

We offer a broad range of products

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Our criteria

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Standard Capital & Interest

Our capital repayment option, available aged 50+ whether your client is working or retired.

Your client chooses the term and pays the capital each month as well as the interest, owing us nothing at the end.

Standard Interest Only

Our Standard Interest Only is available aged 50+ whether your client is working or retired.

Your client pays only the interest each month but chooses the term unlike with a Retirement Interest Only (RIO) mortgage, which has no specified end date.

Retirement Interest Only (RIO)

Our Retirement Interest Only (RIO) mortgage, available from age 50, is open to your client if they're working or retired.

It has no end date so your client may never need another mortgage.

Lifetime Mortgage

A type of equity release where your client receives their mortgage as a lump sum and doesn't have to make monthly payments.

They can pay some or all the interest each month if they want. If they don't, this interest is added to what they owe and compounds over time.

A little more info about our products

Standard Capital & InterestStandard Interest OnlyRetirement Interest Only (RIO)Lifetime Mortgage
Minimum loan amount£10k£10k£10k£10k
Maximum loan amount£1.25m£1.25m£1.25m£750k
Maximum LTV85%70%75%Age dependent
Affordability assessment?YesYesYesNo
Monthly payments requiredInterest + CapitalInterestInterest None
Maximum term40 years40 yearsNo maximumNo maximum